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Reflex Stock, Recognises Creative Talent When They See It
Photographer Sanja BeslinTop Stock Photo Library; Reflex Stock®, is providing the brightest and best young designers the chance to profile their work on their industry renowned design blog in the hope of highlighting the design talent of the future.

The project is aimed at design students and graduates and is a fantastic opportunity for young emerging talent to showcase their creative designs, images and photography on a high profile creative website and blog. The website at Reflex Stock® is popular with creative directors, art buyers, and graphic designers who scroll the pages looking for artistic inspiration, and stock images for their creative projects.


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UCLA Anderson Forecast Predicts Sluggish Growth for USA Economy Through 2006

The UCLA Anderson Forecast in its second quarter report suggested that the American economy would experience slower growth through 2006 due to dampening of the housing market. Housing prices have soared in recent years.

The National Forecast

UCLA Anderson Forecast Director, Edward Leamer, states that the economy will continue to experience sluggish growth through 2006, but that "the likelihood of a recession within a year is minimal."

Both Learner and his colleague Michael Bazdarich, a senior economist at UCLA...

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