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SDA Bocconi's MBA's Cup
MBA students and alumni from top business schools get ready to race the 4th edition of SDA Bocconi's MBA's Cup

Eleven teams from North America (nine from the US and two from Canada) and ten from Europe (two from France, Spain, the UK and Italy and one from Germany and Greece) will come together September 27th- 30th to race in the fourth edition of the MBA's Cup, the yearly regatta organised by the SDA Bocconi Sailing Club in partnership with the prestigious Yacht Club Italiano located in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa, Italy).

400 MBA students and alumni from world renowned European and North American business schools such as HEC (France), IESE (Spain), Chicago Graduate School of Business (US), and Harvard Business School (US) among others will take part in this exciting event. The sails have yet to be set, but the regatta has already been setting a rec...

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IESE Business School: Question Your Assumptions

In a Continuous Education session held recently at IESE Business School, Professor Jeffery Pfeffer, visiting from Stanford GSB shared his insights and recommendations on how to achieve good management practices with students, alumni, and professors.

What many of us consider conventional wisdom is not always proven fact. For this reason Pfeffer warns against making decisions based on assumptions, stressing that managers need to "have the courage to challenge convention".

Practicing evidence-based management is about having th...

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