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Can You Put A Price On Your Future?
For most MBA candidates cost is a serious consideration. It is both a financial and emotional commitment. In the United States where 2-year programmes are the norm, tuition fees are double to those in Europe. Average fees in the United Kingdom run about ?30,000.

Carl Tams, The Intelligence Unit Manger at the Association of MBAs states: ?Average fees are ?16,000 - ?25,000. Living expenses for a single student are estimated at ?11,000 - ?16,400. MBA courses are a large financial investment. Most candidates require a loan, substantial savings or both.?

David Conrady, former executive at IBM and Head of European Operations for Sequence Design said: ?I had to think carefully before I took the plunge. I am married and have two sons. I also had to calculate the lost revenue from not working.

In my case, I chose INSEAD, not just because of the programme?s outstanding traini...

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Jobless? Consider a Career in Tutoring?

Jobless? Consider a Career in Tutoring?The UK's premier tutor directory thetutorpages.com has launched a new Guide for anyone considering a career in private tutoring. Featured in The Times Educational Supplement Masterclass Series(1), the resource is available as a free download from The Tutor Pages website.

'Tutoring in the UK is a multi-million pound industry, but unt...

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