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Su Misura: Savile Row Cuts a Dash
This past January, I had the good fortune to attend the menswear show at the Pitti Palace in Florence, home of the Renaissance, fabulous food, and a lifestyle to make any one with taste drop dead and cry. The Pitti Uomo show was a triumph to British tailoring and of course to those fabulous artisans we cherish, who inhabit the Row. The 'London Cut' exhibits on display runs until February 14, and quite frankly, if you love beautiful clothing as much as I do, do yourself a favour, and spice up your winter with a nice little weekend jaunt.

As a bit of a tweed fanatic, you will find just what you need for grouse-shooting, tailcoats, city wear, and even the 'Prince of Wales' pattern jacket worn by Fred Astaire on display by Anderson & Sheppard. The show coincides with the debut of a new web site dedicated to Savile Row. Traditi...

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MBA Eldorado in India

There is an increasing number of MBAs from North America and Europe who now see India as part of the global hunting ground for career growth.

Louis Tari, the WCW bureau chief based in New Delhi spoke to a group of former UNC students on the virtues of entrepreneurship in India.

"By exploiting social business networks, people can come here with their particular skills and add an international dimension, which is sorely needed in the work force. The trend of Indians going overseas has been well documented. A reverse flow cou...

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