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Photographers Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square, London
I'm a Photographer, Not a TerroristI'm a Photographer, Not a Terrorist
Photographers angry with being stopped and searched by British police, under the country's terrorism laws gathered in Trafalgar Square London yesterday; defending their rights to take pictures in public places and protest against the illegal use of stop and search powers. Photographers say they have been unduly targeted by Section 44 of the act, which allow officers to stop and search people regardless of whether they have reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

David Hartnel a professional photographer stated: "While ending harassment of photographers is laudable aim, it cannot be seen as an end in...

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Global Recruiters Want Team Players

Business schools have begun suddenly to question if they are meeting the goals of MBA employers. There are two principal reasons: First, a flush of recent corporate scandals; and secondly the dearth of suitable jobs for MBA graduates graduating between 2000 and 2003.

"Scandal is an issue that is stifling way companies," says Patrick hawker, dean of the Wharton School. "Ethics used to be a given so that we can get on with the creative aspects of the business."

Most business schools agree that this is a term issue. Harvard, for exampl...

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