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10 easy, no-tears tips for working moms who travel

10 easy, no-tears tips for working moms who travelBusiness trips are rough on kids. Yet they are an almost inevitable part of a professional woman’s career. Whether you travel often or just once in awhile, you, your kids and the caretaker left behind are put to the test as you head out for the airport.

The defining moment for me was when my oldest daughter was three. I had traveled for work since she was born, but for some reason, this day – this trip – was different. She wailed. She pounded her tiny fists on the floor. She braced her little body against the front door. She was very clear – I was leaving and she was mad.

The worst part was that after many goodbyes, when I finally had to leave or risked missing the plane, she followed me out the front door and onto the driveway, begging me not to leave. St...

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MBA Eldorado in India

There is an increasing number of MBAs from North America and Europe who now see India as part of the global hunting ground for career growth.

Louis Tari, the WCW bureau chief based in New Delhi spoke to a group of former UNC students on the virtues of entrepreneurship in India.

"By exploiting social business networks, people can come here with their particular skills and add an international dimension, which is sorely needed in the work force. The trend of Indians going overseas has been well documented. A reverse flow cou...

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