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Renoir & Monet: Impressions Linger
Ever since the late nineteenth century, many people had the feeling that Impressionism would never last. It was ephemeral, without substance, and lacked the backbone and depth of the Renaissance masters. These critics were wrong with the exception of one thing: The paintings of Renoir and Monet for example are ephemeral and bubble with a charm and light which highlight their genius to capture a fleeting moment. Their emotional signification give the viewer a feeling of Sunday lunch in the afternoon on a warm Spring day, one of inner contentment. Soaking in these paintings delivers effortless joy that all is right in the world. Indeed they are windows of ideal holidays spent in the imagination of childhood.

Contrary to popular belief, the Impressionists have been going strong since 1874 when Monet and Renoir created this new genre of painting at La Fournaise, a riverside restaur...

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MBA Eldorado in India

There is an increasing number of MBAs from North America and Europe who now see India as part of the global hunting ground for career growth.

Louis Tari, the WCW bureau chief based in New Delhi spoke to a group of former UNC students on the virtues of entrepreneurship in India.

"By exploiting social business networks, people can come here with their particular skills and add an international dimension, which is sorely needed in the work force. The trend of Indians going overseas has been well documented. A reverse flow cou...

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