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Pucci at 60: Viva la dolce vita!
He was ahead of his time; understood the needs of women and how to bring out their inner beauty. Quickly, with a sense of style and elegance that it seems innate to the Italians, the marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento invented a fluid timeless chic adored by the jet set. The brand and house of Pucci celebrated the founding of this fashion institution first established in 1947 last week in a swirl of psychedelic balloons in the city of Florence. The colours of magenta, Tuscan blue, lime green in a swirl of graphic design portrays a house style often copied but never imitated. Pucci celebrated jerseys and sportswear with vibrant colour prints, which became a hallmark of the 1960s are back in vogue today with ever more élan.

Emilio had a knack of knowing how to liberate the female form in a wave of Italianissimo. His dresses were easy to wear and slide over the body, were easy to pa...

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Prospective MBA applicants are being urged to broaden the scope of career possibilities when seeking career enhancement. There are many sectors, which can profit by MBA educated professionals and thus represent new avenues of previously unexplored business opportunity.

Ian Hardie, associate dean of executive education at London Business School says: 'The quiet time has helped MBAs to become more astute at considering a wider range of jobs. The traditional recruiter has started to return but it will never be as hot a market as it was durin...

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