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The Man About Town: Who’s your tailor?
Do you remember that line from the film, "To Russia with Love"? Sean Connery says to a colleague: "I'm not crazy about his tailor, are you". The line is delivered with the deadpan wit, which makes you wonder about that off the rack number you just bought at the sales for ?400. No matter what Connery wore, he always looked outstanding - and let's face it: clothes do matter both at work and play. Knowing what to wear in any given situation says more about you and your personality than you realise even if the only empire to run now is your own.

Although times have changed and not everyone feels comfortable in suits, some things never change such as the demand for quality and elegance, which goes beyond the whims of fashion. Once the Americans started to dress down creating a new trend, many have felt that the suit was dead. Dress down Fridays proved to be a disaster, sending peop...

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Yale School of Management Financial Tool Identifies High-Performing Mutual Funds

A commonly held belief is that if you are interested in finance that you should apply only to Wharton, Columbia Business School, Stern, or London Business School. However, other MBA programmes can also give you the serious depth and rigour you seek in order to build an outstanding career and expertise in finance and investment banking.

For example, Matthew Spiegel, Professor of Finance at Yale SOM recently identified a new financial model to identify mutual funds that will substantially outperform the market benchmark.

The study, "E...

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