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Feast on the Bosporus: In Istanbul cuisine goes global
A new wind is blowing in Turkey and particularly in Istanbul, the garden of delights. On a recent journey to the city, I discovered that the restaurant scene is in an intense state of flux, drawing influences from across the world, most notably, Asia. Although the delicacies from across Turkey still dominate, and Italian food is still seen as quite trendy, the spices of Asia are permeating key kitchens.

At the Ritz Carlton, Marcel Nosari, the Australian-Swiss chef has just come over from Bangkok. The dishes on offer reflect his recent culinary heritage and are taking the city by storm. Dishes inspired from South Asia reflect a palate of delicacy and distinctiveness and not uncommon to the Ottoman use of inventiveness in the kitchen. The Cintemani dinning room are comfortable and exude an illusion to the past with its chandeliers and classic décor; however it is the view of the ...

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UCLA Anderson Forecast Predicts Sluggish Growth for USA Economy Through 2006

The UCLA Anderson Forecast in its second quarter report suggested that the American economy would experience slower growth through 2006 due to dampening of the housing market. Housing prices have soared in recent years.

The National Forecast

UCLA Anderson Forecast Director, Edward Leamer, states that the economy will continue to experience sluggish growth through 2006, but that "the likelihood of a recession within a year is minimal."

Both Learner and his colleague Michael Bazdarich, a senior economist at UCLA...

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